In structuring the business plan, the strategy had to meet the four objectives in order to formulate the partnership growth initiative for the volumes necessary to meet long-term success.


  1. Enroll 400,000 Certified Alliance Partners.
  2. Acquire 40,000 license Holders.
  3. 500 Partnerships with publicly trading companies with investors exchanging restricted for funding.
  4. Develop a 200-partnership with industry leaders with commitments to social impact either with economic and responsibility.


eCETP Membership platform GTMP Overview.

The GTMP projections depend on the success of a fully automated Self Service Mandatory Traning Program (MTP) module.

We will create three departments as integrated operations essential in establishing eCETP differentials and executing a sustainable, repeatable Alliance Partner ordering structure.

  1. We are forming a dedicated in-house team to coordinate advertising and lead generation with 452 Agents worldwide.
  2. We are establishing teams of Certified Campaign Experts to market eCETP services with each agent.
  3. We are integrating outsourced customer service worldwide.

We will structure a team to engage the top 2,500 companies worldwide with Social Responsibility commitments to join with IJJCorp.


Alliance Partners Enrollment

  1. Implement robust worldwide advertising Campaign.
  2. Promoting eCETP “No Commitment to Join” Mandatory Training Program (MTP).
  3. Offer a free training program with certification to operate eCETP.
  4. Trainees create a reusable donation campaign to conduct a live capital raise using eCETP.
  5. Raise between $2,400 to $6,000, which provides the eCETP Account Activation fee of $50.
  6. As a Certified Alliance Partner account holder, their MTP campaign is reusable.

eCETP License Holders

The eCETP License is a lifetime perpetual for the Nonprofit Alliance Partner with updates and software support services.

The License is for a Nonprofit Alliance Partner interested in owning a Blockchain using cryptographic with fiat Currencies as a hybrid donation and contribution platform.

The platform is for processing cryptographic distributed Ledger  Technology (DLT) Transactions as proof of concept that authenticates, tracks, and archives transactions for Virtual Financial Asset sending and receiving fiat.

  • Creating a token Symbol as part of the licensed Package can make an additional fundraising resource if desired.
  • Eliminates purchasing Donator Backer Package (DBP). Instead, you will mint your own with the smart contract.
The License is purchased using two methods:
  1. First, term Period Options 12 to 18 months buy blocks of DBPs each month.
  2. Then, accept the License at the 12 term price.

Publicly Trading Companies

Operating a publicly trading company without an adequate Internal rate of return (IRR) can lead to selling debt or borrowing to report open disclosures reports to stay in compliance.

The cost to maintain yearly compliance is from $10,000 up to $60,000.

The challenge is when the allocation of working capital has no Internal rate of return (IRR), resulting in operating expenses outweighing compliance.

Regardless of the reasons, the reality is a public company has assets that can relieve them of allocating working capital.  In retrospect, a public company is a private company with registered public exchangeable assets for Fiat.

In planning, the consequences of producing positive results are obtainable, its knowing the workflow required, we help plug in the standard to fund the requirement with assets.

IJJCorp offers subscription-based programs with various add-ons packages to access our products and services with our Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Building Business Units

We are developing 200 partnerships that require resources to converse to establish six levels of partnership categories.

IJJ Corp’s Strategy involves forming partnerships to impact the national workforce by establishing nationwide trade certification training facilities within urban, rural, local governments communities with its partner’s support.

The Strategy encompasses  Business Units (BU) as enterprises teaming internally to address and coordinate resources to complete a project or plugin standards to maintain favorable conditions.

As a public company, engaging will increase visibility since the 500 are public companies also. 

eCETP gains exposure as an alternate funding solution, thus increasing the ability to generate working capital commitments to meet the initiative.

  1. Our plan to meet the four objectives will require a worldwide audience to generate the partnership growth initiative.

The Strategic Initiatives encompass the Social, economic Impact plan.

We offer a unique revenue generator to the new membership to accomplish the Go-To-Market strategy preparation to meet our objective.

  1. A free Mandatory Training Program offered to sincere entrepreneurs interested in joining an emerging business opportunity at the ground level.
  2. The mandatory certification training to operate eCETP provides trainees the working capital to decide to join.

Established the following Resources:

  1. We have registered with an international advertising agency, worldwide database resources with 1.5 million corporate contacts.
  2. Two graphic illustrations and video designers joined as part of the IJJCorp Team.

The Membership Retention

Generating Working Capital During MTP with
” No Commitment to Join.”

Register Now For MTP

eCETP is entering a competitive market with some intricacies that require some innovative strategic planning. Our Mandatory Training Program (MTP) caters to entrepreneurs interested in emerging business opportunities at the ground level.

MTP certifies eCETP qualified operators, including two tangible benefits: hands-on developing and conducting a live donation campaign earning between $2,400 up to $6,000 in working capital plus a reusable donation campaign. Our differential is No Commitment to Join; it’s the experience, and the cash earned.

To become a Certified Alliance Partner, the trainee must purchase a DBP to open an account for $50 with full access to use the expandable campaign from MTP they now own to run fundraisers.

We have registered with an international advertiser, acquired application database resources with 1.5 million corporations, onboarded a graphic illustrator and a video designer as part of the IJJCorp Team.

We anticipate deploying eCETP in the first week of November 2021 to accomplish the four engagements that have started building teams and partnerships within each grouping.

To Address market Awareness:

We have registered with an international advertiser, acquired web application database resources with 1.5 million corporations, onboarded a graphic illustrator and a video designer as part of the IJJCorp Team.

Ready to engage starting November 1, 2021, in accomplishing the four objectives to build teaming partnerships strategic initiative.