JJ Corporation (IJJCorp) has been a Publicly Trading Company under the ticker (IJJP) since 2003. Over the past 18-years, the company has participated at various stages within the emerging Information Technology (IT) industries.

In 2017, the company started its transformation by exploring a business partnership platform solution.  Within 4-years, the ideology has evolved into providing an economic impact solution concentrating on budgetary funding for specific market segments.

Our Transformation:

The eCETP Platform produces a product for purchase by members registered as Alliance Partners, with access to rewards and benefits programs.

eCETP acts as a processing center for turning Fiat donations into working capital generated by sponsors of donation campaigns.

We repurpose two Ethereum Blockchain ERC standards to maintain an auditable archive using its Distributed Ledger Technology (DTL) as a digital system to maintain a General ledger, one as the journal and one as journal entry receipts to track the processed donations.
The eCommerce provides order fulfillments as a donation management processing service using a Dashboard environment as a cloud app or a downloadable client interface with options for local processing and offsite storage and retrievals.


IJJ Corp’s terminology involves forming partnerships to impact the national workforce by establishing nationwide trade certification training facilities within urban, rural, local governments communities with its partner’s support.

Our success is creating income opportunities within four segments:

  1. For-Profit contractors as certified Campaign Experts
  2. For-Profit Contractors and consultants as Agents for Alliance Partners, under-compensation.
  3. Professional Service Providers as Business Units
  4. Funding Partner with Social Responsibility Commitments.


Creating The Team

  1. Enroll 400,000 Certified Alliance Partners
  2. Acquire 40,000 license Holders
  3. 500 Partnerships with publicly trading companies with investors exchanging restricted for funding.
  4. Establishing a 200-membership of companies committed to social impact for responsibility and economics.

Our Marketplace

  • Our Market Research found 310,000 potential Alliance Partners worldwide in 2018 with a fiscal deficit of over $13 billion as uncollected taxation and decreases in donation revenues.
  • With over 500,000 Nonprofits and corporations participating in donating to charity pools worldwide.
  • Where Donations and Contribution have potential as an alternative working capital resource.

eCETP Rewards become Benefits:

There are four Reward programs with Benefits, where the Sponsor donates a DBP to donors for Donation using Account Receipt Tickets (ART):

  1. The Sponsor will acquisition a Retainer(s) Folder, and IJJ Corporation will donate 3 ERC-223 Account Receipt Tickets for On-Demand-Orders.
  2. Donors that opt-out of 60%/40% contribution the remaining two ARTs ERC-223 transfer as rewards to any donation campaign offered at its preset price is $40 each or the minimum %60 or $24 each.
  3. Deposit Conversion (DC): A $50 DC, The bonus package: A special DBP for $10 with a block of 600 Account Receipts Tickets or 3,000 ARTs to potentially generate $120,000, which is repeatable six times annually valued at $720,000.
  4. Self-Funding Tokens: Repeatable Donation used by a DB investing in selective Donor reward tokens for their fundable initiatives.

eCETP Business Opportunities creates Jobs starting with the Alliance Partners, State Agents, Service Providers by deploying resources to support e-commerce by funding real-time requirements.

A reusable product lifecycle with long-term profitability, rewards, and benefits.

eECTP economic impact is $240 Billion of donations within 5 to 10 years.

We will donate 50% of eCETP Gross profit to job trading and Opportunity Zone Community Development Project (OZCDP) with corporate teaming partners.


A  job creator with an Economic Impact agenda.

Our Plan To Create Jobs


Engaging in partnerships within communities to reach larger communities.

Social Responsible Expansion Plan:

The top 2,500 (T2500) companies worldwide are being asked to partner under their Social Responsibility commitment with IJJ Corp:
  • IJJ Corp’s commitment to donate 50% of the Gross margin to fund Social Responsible projects.
  • To participate in matching our contribution to specific programs with either resources and fiat.
  • To join the steering community, to advise and present viable programs for funding.
  • That each T2500 should offer training programs as trade courses with professional certifications in their industries.
  • In doing so, IJJ Corp teaming with partners will requisition the facility, and T2500 can utilize space with minimal cost to train and certify new candidates for employment within OZCDPs.

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Still not clear about the business Platform?

A Quick Synopsis:

  • Donations to help budgets get funded.
  • Creating teams of Certified independents marketing eCETP.
  • IJJ Corp is selling Donation Packages using 50% of the gross margin for economic impact.
  • We increase the expansion of the business massage by partnering with T2500.
  • Creating new clients and investors doing business with IJJ Corporation.