Alliance Partner Program

The Alliance Partners Role

Alliance Partners are members from the Target Market comprising State governments at county levels, Nonprofit and For-profit organizations with community-based projects, and budgeting program initiatives:

  • Membership is restricted to our Target Market to ensure that regulatory requirements at state and federal levels are applied.
  • The Alliance Partner will sponsor Donation Programs and Projects within their community for Donors and Backers.
  • The Alliance Partner is the distribution channel for moving donation packages for Donations to meet their budgetary and working capital requirements.
  • eCETP produces a multi-purpose Donator Backer Package (DBP) titled: Buy 1 Get Account Receipt Ticket (ART).
  • The ART becomes the donations received by Donors and Backers.
  • The Donor packages: Buy 1 Get 2 ARTs. With an Option to participate in increasing donations and contribution options.
  • eCETP provided the provision for the Alliance Partner to create an option for Donor and Backer Packages titled: Buy 1 Get 2 Account Receipt Tickets as Rewards and Benefits.
  • Donor and Backer can make any donation amount desired. In addition, the Sponsors can offer an optional plan to the Donor to participate in special donation programs to increase donation and contributions.
  • The Alliance Partner can participate in Rewards and Benefit shared earning programs by investing in the Donor.

Utilizing two unique sets of donor equations to generate the most significant rewards and benefits:

  1. Repeatable Donations – Self Funding
  2. Deposit Conversion -Bonus Package

For-Profit entities can provide fundraising services for organizations not capable of sponsoring campaigns.

This service is when the Contribution is applied, which also requires maintaining legal and ethical requisites following rulings issued from each USA State.


The Member Evidence Clause ensures that our membership within our Targeted markets is correctly represented as a flagship Alliance Partner and offers Options to participate in Rewards with Benefits within various programs.

The Member Evidence Clause is a de facto standard. It is a requirement used to identify members on a list of potential bad actors.

We follow industry requirements to detour Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) as an integral component for membership approval using third-party service providers.

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  • Generate On-Demand-Orders

The Mandate Enforces The investor ROI:

  • In short, with the mandate, we established a fallback ROI for IEO participation as a benefit preset at a 300% return.
  • This method also creates a volume of 150 DBP to support On-Demand Orders.
  • To create one Donator Backer Package (DBP) requires 1 -Retainer the ERC-777 with 150 Account Receipt Tickets as the ERC-223 Standard furnished by IJJ Corp coming from the Initial Token Supply (ITS).
  • Enforces the Buyback Campaign

Jurisdiction And Participation Restrictions:

Federal and State regulatory rulings provide clear and concise information on how IJJ Corporation and Alliance Partners must conduct themself.

The following links provide state and federal information for your review:

  1. The link will explain why “we do not receive, nor control donations funds raised or provide subscribers.”
  2. With SEC the guidance focuses on tokens on how and when cryptocurrencies may fall under a securities classification.
  3. For each Nonprofit Alliance Member, they must meet the Member Evidence Clause have the authorization to participate.
  4. For-Profit to become a Certified Campaign Expert must meet the Member Evidence Clause. In addition, another condition must provide a Nonprofit and proof of two banking deposit accounts as required for reporting fiat transactions by eCETP.

The following provides the list of restricted countries business any business transactions.

Jurisdiction and Participation Restrictions are applicable as provided by their State or Regional representative.

To safeguard the Alliance Partner:

To safeguard the Alliance Partner and the stability of BPaaS, where hiring independent agents per State, which includes:

  1. The North American States deploy 125 and 400 Abroad Country Agents responsible for marketing and supporting the three customer market segments.
  2. The Agents are essential in providing support services within regional territories for eCETP by interfacing with local Alliance Partners.
  3. The role is to create, maintain, and promote eCETP programs, support customer funding requirements, provide additional business development, address issues, assign resources to improve performance, and offer special packages.
  4. The Agents will provide information on the Alliance Partner’s status. eCETP will provide a dashboard to interface with each Agent constructed to maintain constant communication and information sharing to monitor critical data for rapid response to any event.

State Agent Support Program:

The capture plan includes a retention strategy designed to demonstrate how eCETP provides rewards with benefits.

Alliance Partner Enrollment Plan:

  1. Phase 1 is a free product training course to enroll subscribers and implement optional earning programs.
  2. Phase 2 runs a 10 to the 12-day live fundraising campaign, earnings exceeding the cost of starting a membership Account, which is $50 DBP.
  3. The conversion of their Subscribers into eCETP to participate in donations and test the Option earning plans as additional fundraising programs, which generally extend into a 90-day program.
  4. IJJ Corporate will provide the product where the earning range between $2,400 up to $6,000.

We have created a three-tier approach:

The DBP product has three phases:

It starts as a tradable Ethereum token on an Exchange Board:

  1. Next, converted using a buyback repurposed to a utility using Ethereum Request for Comment (ERC) Standard, and
  2. Added to Retainer inventory assignable an ODO to receive ARTs record of the donors and sponsors transactions.
  3. Within eCETP, the token provides the accountability for proof that records are accurate as an archived data point used to provide reports.

Two Ethereum Tokens utilized:

  1. ERC 777 is the primary token provided for fundraising. Next, it becomes a retainer folder to record sent and received fiat transactions.
  2. Lastly, the ERC 223 is the Donor Account Receipt and is not tradable, produced for the eCETP to record the Sponsor and Donor information and the fiat donations.

The ERC-777 is the folder with a batch of ERC-223 donation transactions.

Once the campaign is closed, the folder and Account Receipts are Archived as a record,

Product Package for Donations:

Our Product:

Ethereum Request for Comment Standards as the Products.

  1. Donation Backer Package (DBP)
  2. Donor Account Receipt Tickets (ART)