Any Changes Requires Revenues and Sales to support changes:

Picture what could happen: eCETP will create a new customer base, intending to generate additional brokers and a new set of Day Traders from within the target markets.

Just put the two together:

  1. The primary market is the top fortune 2500 (T-2500) companies worldwide with Social Responsibility Commitments.
  2. In addition, we are building a Salesforce and offering a unique budgetary funding program.

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Our Partnership Goals:

Plus, look at Our Partnership Goals. First, the scope of efforts is to develop a new client base, which eventually will bring attention to IJJP. Most importantly, a majority of the T-2500 are public companies also.

Next, the climate worldwide in terms of social improvements is becoming a consideration for making changes, which pushes the eCETP agenda into the forefront.

Our Expectation:

IJJ Corporation accomplishes 10% of the proposed goal the landscape changes level the ability to reinvest in business development. The overall effect will expand the company audience, creating a potential pathway to becoming a Fully-Reporting QB OTC SEC reporting company. With the potential of becoming listed within 2 or 3 years in the makings.

We create a robust business platform to propel IJJ Corporation’s success with mergers and acquiring assets in the subscription base market.