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General Terms and Conditions apply to both the Nonprofit Alliance Partner and For-Profits approval process has measurable acceptance criteria to be met for approval.

The following sections provide Member Evidence Clause (MEC) details on the enrollment process and services per member category.

The Member Evidence Clause ensures that our membership within our Targeted markets is adequately represented as a flagship Alliance Partner and offers Options to participate in Rewards with Benefits within various programs.

In concert with IJJCorp assurances, we have provided every measurement to safeguard the Alliance Partner interest while partaking in using the services offered by eCETP and IJJ Corporation.

There are three intrinsic groups united to augment working capital using eCETP Business Processing as a Service:

  1. Governments: The category includes North and South America and Non-restricted Governments Abroad with either taxation or donation declines.
  2. Nonprofit organizations: Organizations with adverse economic conditions where an alternative resource can help raise working capital.
  3. For-Profit Businesses: These members are Certified as eCETP Campaign Expertise helping Nonprofits improve their ability to raise working capital.

Integral Options: Preset pricing produces calculated revenues as cash contribution equations.

The Enrollment Requirements:

The approval process has measurable acceptance criteria to be met as outlined in the Member Evidence Clause.

The Alliance Partner Membership Application is Submit as instructed  by upload the following Know Your Customer (KYC) information:

  • Business’s state of registration as the business’s domicile.

  • Notarized Letter by one is standing witness Proof of management control Statement.

  • Two Utility bills for your address

  • Provide an Official country Identification: Driver’s license, Business department, or government authorization letter to engage.

  • Select the Training program.

  • Enroll in the Mandatory Training Program.

  • Purchase a Donator Backer Package to open an account to process your first $50 On-Demand-Order (ODO) after Training.

Special Note:

  • Participants must meet the Member Evidence Clause requirements and provide Information within 30-days after signing up by completing the Know Your Customer (KYC) submission. Service provided by a Third Party KYC and AML Compliance service provider.

Standard approval time is the same day, no more than 2-days, notified by email or SMS or both selected by Participants.

The Alliance Partner must participate in a training period of up to 14-days. The training is free and will be collected donations. There are no requirements to Join.

The Includes the following:
  1. The training includes 2 to 4 days to set up the required provisions and resources for deployment.
  2. Includes a 10 to 12-day live Donation and Contribution campaign with earnings, including using the primary features to collect donations using various option plans with rewards.
  3. All products and the training are FREE; just your time to learn how the Benefits and Rewards programs work.
  4. Lastly, process your first $50 On-Demand Order to open an account.

For-Profits are Required:

Their Nonprofit must be a registered donation sponsor before participating in the training program as a private self-sponsored donation campaign.

eCETP provides the service for Alliance Partner on as Business Processing as a Services:

  1. As a Business Processing as a Service (BPaaS) offering Donation processing, do not collect or handle donations deposits.
  2. The Alliance Partner collects all donor donations for deposit in the sponsor banking account of choice.
  3. IJJCrop is not providing donators nor making any guarantees for funding.
eCETP is an intuitive self-service ecosystem that offers 365 days, 24-hour access to independently conduct unlimited donation contribution campaigns.

Before considering joining a private self-sponsored donation campaign, you must have existing members as donation subscribers.  IJJCorp is not providing donators nor making any guarantees for funding.

During the preparation period:

  1. Selection of the subscribers.
  2. The budget objective is development.
  3. The campaign message statements are approved.
  4. Select the theme for the donation campaign.

As a Nonprofit Alliance Partner, the Benefit Programs requires allocating earnings to participate:

We recommend considering reserving 20% of cash earnings to invest in your Donor to create self-funding repeatable donations and participate in the Deposit conversion program.

General Terms and Conditions are applicable with For-Profit and Groups, organizations.

  • The For-Profit services are recorded as a taxable contribution, not as a gift, and not as a donation.
  • As an Alliance Partner, it’s best to use the eCETP service agreement to receive a contribution. The process automatically redirects each donation to the For-Profit banking of choice.

IJJCorp provides Business Processing as a Service (BPaaS) as the Donation Platform:

  • IJJCorp will not collect or handle donations deposits.
  • Donations received are redirected to the sponsor banking account of choice.
  • A 1099 form is provided at year-end, compiling the quarterly reports with the last quarter reporting period by the Sponsor to third-party to service providers.
  • For Non-Cryptocurrency users, eCETP will generate a paper wallet, commonly used throughout the Cryptocurrency industry.

  • The Paper Wallet can create security and secret keys to control the assignment of two IJJ ERC 20 tokens provided the Donor Buy 1 (ART) Get two IJJ ERC 20 tokens included in the Package.

    The Donor must option to receive the tokens, and if the Donor option is out, the Token is assigned to the Sponsor and placed on IJJ internal Tokens Exchange Trader trading board in the name of the new owner.

IJJ Corporation nor any of its affiliates provide donors or subscribers for sponsor donation campaigns on eCETP.

The For-Profit should be prepared to conduct a donation before engaging by following the eCETP campaign procedures.

The elected Nonprofit Alliance Partner by the For=Profit needs 250 donators and fully understands that this is a complete self-service donation contribution platform.

As an Alliance Partner with access to eCETP as a For-Profit, all donation contribution is the first taxable. Suppose a donator elects to opt-in for the 20/60/40 plan. In that case, 60% must go to a nonprofit organization(s), and 40% is a contribution or gift, depending on gift structure and legal opinions.

The Donor acknowledges the For-Profit has operating expenditures and Opt-in to donate the preset $40. In addition, the reported donation is now 60% or $24 $ and 40% or $16 as the contribution.

As part of the eCETP services, quarterly distribute ledger transaction reports are available two days after the closing date of each campaign. The statements are made available to reconcile transactions and for accounting information daily. In addition, at year-end, a 1099 form is provided, compiling the prior quarterly reports with the last quarter reporting period.

We recommend considering reserving 20% of cash earnings to invest in your Donor to create self-funding repeatable donations and participate in the Deposit conversion program.

  • A volume commitment to purchase 336 DBP for $16,800 over 12 to 18 months purchase 378 DBP’s for $18,900.
  • Each DBP will have 2000 Account receipts. Twelve months is 4 DBP and 18 months 3 DBP’s.
  • Must meet the Member Evidence Clause requirements.
  • Complete the Training Program to receive an application programming interface (API) Certification license activation number with a secret key.
  • Must place the first ODO for either the 12- or 18-month volume of Account Receipts.
  • Upon completing initial requirements, the volume commitment and API/Secret Keys license package with the support service for installation and turnover of the eCETP.
  • Have access to a subscriber base between 10,000 to 30,000 with an average of 5% to 10% donator participation.
  • The commitment can be canceled or terminated for cause by the Alliance Partner.
  • Details for ending the License option are within the Software License Agreement under the Cancel and Termination Section.

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The Alliance Partner approval process has measurable acceptance criteria to be met for approval.